Visitors Policy

I want to talk a little bit today about our visitors policy here at Merrywind Teckels and explain WHY we have made the decision to meet our puppy buyers at public locations, such as dog shows, pet supply stores or our veterinarian’s office. There is a lot of information out there on the web about

On breeding priorities…

When you build a house, you need a solid foundation, strong walls, and a leakproof roof before you worry about the color of the paint and the fancy curtains. I am, of course, talking about breeding for conformation, temperament and health before worrying about coat and color when making breeding decisions… Paint (color) and curtains

Language is Powerful

Please note, I do not support the use of the term “adoption” when refering to the purchase of an animal. It belittles true adoption of human children and also undermines our rights to own pets. You will also never hear me use the cutesie terms “fur baby” or “fur kids”. These are not children. They

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